Program: Ace AIR
Location: Ace Hotel New York
Date of Stay: 09.24.17
Artist: Alexis Taylor

During a recent stay at Ace Hotel New York, Alexis recorded a beautiful lo-fi pop track titled Melting Ace Crackle. Take a listen (MP3), or download a high-quality version (AIFF) of his song. The recording features keyboards and loops of “crackle” that serve as the backdrop to Alexis’ contemplative lyrics:

I was trying to say
What I could never say
When I was melting away
As you played
People make such joyous music
People’s voices are so full of peeling laughter

Alexis Taylor is a British musician. He is the lead vocalist and keyboardist/guitarist of the band Hot Chip and a solo artist in his own right. His new solo album Piano and the remix project Listen With(out) Piano will be released on Pre-Echo in September at the NY Art Book Fair.

This September, Ace AIR is curated by Printed Matter. Founded in 1976, Printed Matter is the world’s leading non-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination, understanding and appreciation of artists’ books. Located at 195 Tenth Avenue, Printed Matter maintains an expansive inventory of over 37,877 titles from more than 27,080 artists, and produces both the New York Art Book Fair and LA Art Book Fair.

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