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Coast to Coast with Ozoz Sokoh

  • 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm | Thursday October 21, 2021
  • Demo Kitchen | Ace Hotel Brooklyn
  • $40

For many adults living abroad, foods from home take on new meaning, playing more than functional roles (alimenta, food as sustenance), extending boundaries that stretch from comfort to identity (comida, food for the soul). In the process of navigating newness, we often encounter little-known histories, make new connections and are transformed by the unearthing.

Every ingredient has a history, and its origins provide meaningful context. These ingredients help us reclaim and reimagine our heritage, encouraging us to make space across global tables.

Led by Nigerian food explorer Ozoz Sokoh (AKA Kitchen Butterfly) join MOFAD and Ace Hotel Brooklyn for a film screening and evening of tastes and discussions exploring memory as resistance, oral history, language, double consciousness, capitalism, culinary colorism, and more.

The program on Thursday, Oct 21 will include a screening of two of Sokoh’s original short films that delve into the colonial constructs of food politics by focusing on West African ingredients such as Rice & Beans and Sugarcane. There will be an accompanying tasting of Akara (bean fritters) and a selection of vegetarian sides along with a sugarcane-based cocktail.

About Demo Kitchen by Ace Hotel:

A well-appointed canvas for culinary and community engagement, Demo Kitchen by Ace Hotel is a locus of epicurean culture — dedicated to cooking, connection and above all, community. A light-filled space with floor to ceiling windows, Demo Kitchen features an induction cooking station from Kaliber Innovations, an array of state-of-the-art audiovisual production equipment, and is furnished with custom oak classroom and dining tables crafted by Finnish furniture design collective Made By Choice. Demo Kitchen has capacity for 96 people and is also available for private rental.

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