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Sake Stories: Tastes and Lessons from Brooklyn to Japan

  • 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm | Thursday April 21, 2022
  • Demo Kitchen | Ace Hotel Brooklyn

MOFAD x Ace Hotel Brooklyn present Sake Stories: Tastes and Lessons from Brooklyn to Japan

Join author Hannah Kirshner and sake brewer Shinobu Kato for an evening of saké tasting, talk, and a little cooking.

Each fall, Kirshner leaves Brooklyn to help make saké at Shishi no sato, a 14th-generation brewery in Ishikawa, Japan. The job began as research for “Water, Wood, and Wild Things,” her book about the people—artisans, farmers, hunters, and foragers—making the culture and community of Yamanaka Onsen, a mountain town near the Japan Sea. She’ll discuss differences and similarities between brewing on two continents with Shinobu Kato, who began making saké at home after moving to the US, eventually opening his sakagura in Brooklyn.

Light snacks will be served alongside glasses of Kato Sake Works Junmai, and guests will learn how to make miso-cured eggs using sake kasu, a byproduct of brewing. Shishi no Sato saké is not yet available in the US, but Kirshner has hand-carried enough for each guest to have a tiny taste.



This is event is in conjunction with an exhibition of crafts from Yamanaka Onsen and illustrations from “Water, Wood, and Wild Things” on view in the Gallery at the Ace Hotel Brooklyn from April 1–29.

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