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Slash Dance Presents: Slashes to Ashes, Dance to Dust

  • 10:00 pm - 2:00 pm | Thursday November 18, 2021
  • Upstairs | Ace Hotel Los Angeles
Join Slash Dance for a femme-centric dance party, aimed to attract fans of deep cut 80’s New Wave, Italo-Disco, Goth, New Romantic, and Pop music. For aesthetic, think 80’s nightlife, kitschy sleaze, and soft eroticism.
Slash Dance L.A. is a live entertainment concept that embraces theatrical libertinage and industrial glamour within a grotesque metropolitan landscape. We aim to inject the current underground music / art scenes with intimate and mind-bending thematically driven programs. Our ultimate objective is to eliminate bottom-feeding nightlife by all means necessary with a utopian canon of live music, performance art, dance parties, and film showcases. The series role-plays as both master and servant to a funhouse of local perversities, bursting with a dazzling display of unconventional virtuosos; avant-freaks-of-nature that thrive off of the beautiful decay of Los Angeles and willingly consume its twisted spirit in order to exorcise some of the most exquisite spectacles the scene has to offer.
–  Riki is a visual artist, musician, and DJ based in Los Angeles, currently signed to Dais Records.
Chelsea (Luni) is the lead singer of Italian based band, Nuovo Testamento, currently signed to Avant! Records.
Sarah (Tam-Tam) Is a Los Angeles based journalist, DJ, and costume designer, currently writing for Lethal Amounts Magazine.
Victor (Secret Pal) Is a musician, DJ, and curator of Slash Dance L.A. Currently drumming for Los angeles based band Aurat.
Free / 21+

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