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Rooms & Specs

From reserved to rebellious, whatever vibe your team needs is available at Ace Hotel New Orleans. Contact us for all the details around the Barnett, Music and Green Rooms, Dining Room, Courtyard, Reception Room and more. From beautiful brick to classic Gulf Coast charm, each space is adaptable, flexible and well-equipped to give your group a great day. 

Want to go wilder? Let us know and we’ll introduce you to pools, stages and more. 

Barnett Hall

Barnett Hall is our 4,000 sq. ft. center space – plus, it’s flexible: you can divide Barnett Hall into two separate, intimate spaces, and your guests can enter either from our street-side courtyard or through the lobby art gallery.

Barnett Green Room

Barnett Green Room – 960 sq. ft. Ideal space for a board meeting, breakout room, office space, or as the name denotes, a backstage area for your entertainers to hangout in or dressing room for the wedding party

Barnett Music Room

Highly adaptable space for meetings and social gatherings, parties both reserved and rebellious.

Barnett Private Dining Room

Barnett Private Dining Room – 675 sq. ft. Long on Gulf Coast charm, our beautiful Private Dining Room is an intimate setting lit from above by radiant handcrafted drip wax chandeliers – old New Orleans interiors optimal for your everything.

Barnett Courtyard

Barnett Courtyard – 616 sq. ft. Rich in history, the Barnett Courtyard boast some of the oldest wall in the neighborhood – its patina’d bricks date back to the 1830s. Charming, elegant and enchanting as heck.

2nd Floor Courtyard

2nd Floor Courtyard – 1,500 sq. ft. The 2nd Floor Guest Courtyard is a really beautiful open-air space featuring glowing festoon lights, and rich, tropical landscaping

Event Room Name Boardroom Classroom Rounds Reception Theater U-Shape Compare
Barnett Hall – Full 4000 sq. ft. 40 350 275 400 500 50
Barnett Hall A 2000 sq. ft. 30 175 150 200 250 30
Barnett Hall B 2000 sq. ft. 20 175 150 200 250 30
Barnett Green Room 960 sq. ft. 20 48 60 100 100 45
Barnett Green Room A 480 sq. ft. 12 24 30 50 60 24
Barnett Green Room B 480 sq. ft. 12 24 30 50 60 24
Barnett Music Room – Full 960 sq. ft. 20 48 60 100 100 40
Barnett Music Room A 480 sq. ft. 12 24 30 50 60 24
Barnett Green Room B 480 sq. ft. 12 24 30 50 60 24
Barnett Dinning Room 675 sq. ft. 15 20 32 40 40 20
Barnett Foyer 2000 sq. ft. 150
Barnett Courtyard 616 sq. ft. 80
2nd Floor Courtyard 1500 sq. ft. 60 120

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