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Rustam Ospanoff presents: Tom Noble

  • 7:00 pm - 12:00 am | Friday May 06, 2022
  • Lobby |
Every Friday in May
We travel with DJ, selector, music event producer, Founder & Producer of JAZZYSTAN
the fabulous Rustam Ospanoff
Owning a record store & reissue label from 2000-2005 brought him up to speed on rare music. Most of the focus going to disco & boogie. After learning how to edit he quickly began to edit songs, the focus always being on refining the songs and turning them into dance floor burners. Soon after this Tom put on his producer hat again and recorded a full length disco LP under the name of House Of Spirits. As of 2016 only one single has been released by Tim Sweeny’s Beats In Space imprint. Tom’s sound, the nucleus being disco & boogie, tends to extend to paradise garage 80’s jams as well as classic & modern house as well as any music which as he describes “is bright enough to light up the room by itself”. His roots of Jamaican and soul will definitely come out at some point in the night, and while he believes mixing is the glue that solidifies a night, selection is most important thing. Playing many gigs around the globe these days, Tom has finally landed in NYC and has called that home since 2014. These days he runs a record store in Brooklyn named after his record label (and modern soul band from Louisiana) Superior Elevation.

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