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Round Here Rodeo Presents: Stronghold Reggae

  • 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm | Friday September 29, 2023
  • Amigo Room | Ace Hotel Palm Springs


Sip, dip and lounge while listening to carefully curated sounds by the pool and at the Amigo Room.

Selector of the week:Stronghold ReggaeDJ Journee & Lucky Leonard

12 year Ace Hotel resident, Stronghold Reggae Sound is teaming up with Delicious Vinyl Island to bring you special guests Sarah Couch & DJ Green B!

Delicious Vinyl is one of the most successful and identifiable hip-hop labels of all time. With its iconic logo and seminal releases like Tone Loc’s “Wild Thing,” Young MC’s “Bust A Move”  and “Passin’ Me By” by The Pharcyde, the L.A. company helped build the West Coast rap movement in the late ‘80s and 1990s.

In Sarah Couch’s cosmo, music is her chosen language. Galactic and other-worldly, these R&B-infused songs take flight far beyond her home in the hills of Kingston, Jamaica. The poetic flavor in Sarah’s songwriting can be found to detail the Jamaican traditions peppered in from her homegrown identity. Still, this is not the only story she is telling. From as early as eight, the portal into music would only gateway her explorations as she traveled in and out of Jamaica, chasing the light of sound in other countries. Sometimes, other careers too. Now at the precipice of her musical career, Sarah’s journey through self-exploration and authenticity finds her intimately at the center of herself.

It’s not easy to win acclaim as a reggae dancehall DJ on the West Coast. It’s even more difficult to win acclaim as a female reggae dancehall DJ – but that is exactly what DJ Green B has done.

In an era when Instagram models, B-list celebrities and reality TV stars dominate the club DJ market, DJ Green B has carved out a lane for herself the old fashioned way: by breaking records, producing mixtapes, and building a reputation as one of the best party rocking DJs on the West Coast.

Catch DJ Green B inside the Amigo Room Friday 9/29 & Sarah Couch performing a special poolside set on Saturday 9/30. Resident selectors DJ Journee & Lucky Leonard will be spinning sets Friday (poolside) 12pm-5pm, Friday (Amigo Room) 9pm-1am & Saturday (poolside) 12pm-5pm.

Amigo Room

9.22 Friday 9pm-1am


9.22 Friday 12pm-5pm
9.23 Saturday 12am–5pm

Amigo Room events are free and open to all 21+. Swim Club Pool events are open to hotel guests and day pass guests only.


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