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CABI SERIES PART 1: Soy Sauce Making & Tasting Workshop – The Demo Kitchen

  • 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm | Wednesday August 30, 2023
  • Demo Kitchen | Ace Hotel Brooklyn

Ace Hotel Brooklyn is proud to invite Cabi food for a series of workshops exploring Japanese culinary traditions.

In August, guests will learn all about the soy-sauce making process.

In January, they will have the opportunity to use their unique hand-made fermented soy sauce for a Hand-Roll Sushi class.


Tickets are available for purchase for one or both classes:



Cabi is simple. It starts with a piece of mold (see: Cabi name) and we hope it spreads like a culture; the desire to share easy and traditional Japanese home cooking.

We’ve heard it a thousand times before: “we really want to cook Japanese food, but what the hell is Mirin? And what does Dashi look like? How many types of miso are there?”. Well, we’re here to tell you all about it if you let us.

Having grown up in Japan (both of us), but also spending most of our formative years in America (home of a different type of culture), we constantly find ourselves wanting to share, express and communicate more of our home and the traditions we love and miss there; especially the food.

Japanese home cooking and its far-dating recipes have been perceived as out-of-reach and intimidating for someone who didn’t grow up with Japanese culture, while oversimplified products can lack an authenticity and the flavor-complexity you really crave. So we gave it our go. In our pantry, we start with 3 products that we believe are essential to beginning your Japanese cooking journey – your bridge into a world obscured by unfamiliarity, but with a twist and our own flair. It’s all you need to begin.

Cabi has been carefully developed with a sense of ease and versatility in mind, allowing you to love and incorporate these Japanese flavors into your own cooking, on your own terms. We like to say: cooking not required, only if desired. We are here to support all adventures in the kitchen.

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