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  • 7:00 pm - 12:00 am | Friday July 21, 2023
  • The Lobby | Ace Hotel Brooklyn

RAGGA NYC is proud to partner with Ace Hotel Brooklyn for a summer residency that is the blooming of a beautiful partnership!


For this residency RAGGA NYC has tapped some RAGGA NYC family members and cousins of the RAGGA NYC community to bring some vibes to The Lobby at Ace Hotel Brooklyn — every Friday in July to September!

Come have a cocktail, catch up with the boos and sweat it out. We are also excited to expand and bring in a lot of young djs that we have had our eyes on for some time!


This Friday, they invite DJ Gaza Twin for a special set. 



DJ GazaTwin is a young black female who has grown tremendously throughout the years and is commonly known throughout New York. For the past 7 years, she has dedicated her time to studying music and expanding herself through one of her many hobbies, DeeJaying. Her journey started back in high school when her love for music was to great to put in words. She admired the way DJs can blend music so smoothly. Her friends heard how good she was in her backyard and got her very first gig in high school. DJ GazaTwin had spread very quickly in the neighborhood and within a few years, she was performing for local businesses and major events internationally.


RAGGA NYC is a hybrid of ideas that began as late night conversations over familial island roots, current social politics, empanadas vs. beef patties, pum pum shorts, scamming and a longing for a party that provides for queer Caribbeans and their kin. A non profit platform/ project and art collective founded by Christopher Udemezue (@NeonChristina), RAGGA NYC connects a growing network of queer Caribbean artists and allies working across a wide range of disciplines—including visual art, fashion, poetry and more—to explore how race, sexuality, gender, heritage, and history inform their work and their lives. RAGGA NYC has shown at a variety of galleries and museums, including the New Museum, PS1 MoMa, and Mercer Union (Toronto). In June 2017 RAGGA NYC completed a residency with the New Museum “All The Threatened and Delicious Things Joining One Another” that has continued to foster an extended family that makes space for solidarity, celebration, and expression, with deep commitments to education and grassroots organizing.

Defining the Sound of RAGGA NYC: The sound of Ragga can be defined as the pairing of music from the greater Caribbean with electronic music originating in Detroit, being remixed across the African diaspora, and returning to the queer night clubs of New York City. At the nexus of these genres and various sub-genres is a shared lineage/universal narrative that, by allowing the marriage of, RAGGA expands the notion of what scenes can be in community with one another. RAGGA is the setting where queer folks can openly enjoy dancehall and reggae, where Black people can rejoice and re-stake claim to electronic music, and where the embrace of countercultures further inspires innovative sounds that reflect the multitude of identities in which they stem from. At no point does the sound reflect a basic exchange or one-to-one trade off of dancehall to techno, soca to club, kompa to house, etc. When properly conducted/curated, the sound of RAGGA echoes an arrangement of acknowledgements of the identitie

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Ace Hotel Brooklyn
8:00am @ Gallery

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Anthology Editions present: Empire Roller Disco, photographs by Patrick D. Pagnano Brooklyn’s Empire Rollerdrome opened its doors in 1941 and soon became the borough’s premier destination for recreational and competitive roller skating. But it wasn’t until the late 1970s that the celebrated rink reached iconic status by replacing its organist with a live DJ, installing a state of the art sound and light system, and renaming itself after the nationwide dance craze it had helped to originate: the Empire Roller…

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Vinyl Nights: DJ Misbehaviour   at Ace Hotel Brooklyn

Get down to the sounds with Vinyl Nights – celebrating NYC dance, music, club & DJ culture. Experience what is was like to party in NYC in the early 70’s, 80’s & 90’s when DJ’s played strictly Vinyl. Dance to the hits that shaped NYC club culture with Native New Yorkers, artists & music lovers. Disco, Funk & Soul, House, Boogie, Latin & 80’s & 90’s Hip Hop, All on Vinyl. The party spun off from the legendary Mobile Mondays! all 45’s night.…


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Ace Hotel Brooklyn
7:00pm @ The Lobby

Spring Residency ~ Stonie Blue & Guest at The Lobby

This Spring, Stonie Blue takes residency with a monthly set. This week, he invites Ché to join him all night. Hailing from Dallas, Stonie Blue has made a big impact in the New York dance music community as a multi-talented DJ, producer, animator, and cross-media creator. Known For his southern-influenced production style and smooth transitions, he has gained a reputation as a versatile and dynamic artist, constantly experimenting with blending genres and pushing boundaries in his sets. His unique combination of obscure and…


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