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Charlotte Woodman

EVERYWHERE WORKSHOP: Leather wallet workshop with Charlotte Woodman

  • 11:00 am - 2:00 pm | Saturday October 23, 2021
  • | Ace Hotel New York
  • $250

For many thousands of years, humans have been practicing the art of leatherworking, tanning hides in botanical solutions, using sinew to lash together footwear and protective outerwear. Few natural materials can match leather in strength and longevity.

In this workshop, you will be introduced to the core tools needed for handcrafting leather goods and learn the foundational techniques to make your own saddle-stitched leather wallet. Attendees will come away with the knowledge and basic skills to start their own leather projects at home. Tools and materials to make one leather wallet will be provided.


About Charlotte Woodman:

Charlotte Woodman is a leatherworker and craftswoman based in coastal Maine. Her work exists at the confluence of function and form, where durability meets aesthetics. Millennia-old traditional hand skills are the foundation of Woodman Leathercraft.

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