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Ace New York lives in the middle of all things Manhattan — steps from the greatest museums, shops, restaurants, and theaters on earth.

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Rudy’s Barbershop

14 W 29th St

Quality haircuts, affordable prices and a one-of-a-kind communal atmosphere. The first Rudy’s Barbershop opened its doors in 1993 on Pine Street in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. The idea was to expand on the traditional notion of a barbershop as a place for community, creativity and culture. Now Rudy’s is the spot to get your hair cut in Seattle, LA, Portland and New York.

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That’s right, Midtown. A sneaker wave of creatives, good food, thoughtful retail (plus the occasional knockoff perfume and handbag), innovators, galleries and some of the most iconic designer and artist studios in the US. At the center of the little island that could, Midtown is our neighborhood and we’re damn proud of it. “Normally, it would take years for one neighborhood to develop such a diversity of attractions. But the Ace is like a hot-neighborhood starter kit.” -The New York Times Magazine  

Le Labo

14 W 29th St

Freshly compounded androgynous fragrances. Le Lebo is a child of New York, freshly compounding their androgynous fragrances on-site for each individual wearer, an exchange of alchemy and community. Their belief that perfume should be irreverent, soulful and inspired by place is expressed through their line of city-specific scents, respect of ingredients and lack of pretense and fuss. Their perfume catalog possesses unparalleled attention to detail, right down to the personalized hand-labeled bottles, but are not precious objects — Le Labo fragrances prefer to be out in the world, tangling with the smells of hot pavement, fresh bagels and the joie de vivre.

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