COVID-19 Preparedness Update

The safety and health of our guests and staff are what we care about the most, and we want to keep you abreast on precautions and policy updates in regards to the Coronavirus outbreak. Click here to see our full COVID-19 policies.

New hotel guidelines and requirements in accordance with the City of Toronto

Effective March 21, masks are no longer required in settings such as retail stores, bars, restaurants, gyms, community centres or museums. Masks continue to be required in the indoor areas of certain businesses or organizations, and in a vehicle that is operating as part of the business or organization, including:

Public transit: Indoor premises and vehicles used for the operation of a public transit service or bus passenger transportation service
Hospitals and clinics that provide healthcare services (including vaccination clinics)
Long-term care and retirement homes

The requirement to wear a mask remains subject to exemptions including removing a mask for the purposes of health and safety.

The City of Toronto continues to follow provincial guidance on face masks, and has lifted the masking requirement for visitors in most City facilities beginning Monday, March 21. The City supports the choice by visitors to City facilities where masks are not required to remain masked, should they prefer. Masks are still required at City of Toronto vaccination clinics.

the most up-to-date information about these policies, visit City of Toronto Covid-19 Orders and Bylaws.

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