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Rooms & Specs

Light, openness and the unlimited expanse of your imagination. Contact us for all the details around Flow, Form and Interspace. From state-of-the-art acoustics to picturesque scenes of our neighboring green space, each room is adaptable, flexible and well-equipped to give your group a great day.


500 sq ft interior, 150 sq ft outdoor lounge and immediate views and access to all the energy of our lobby. Flow not only allows for fresh air and room to enjoy it, but has immediate connection to all of our public places for those looking to create movement and easy access for their teams and guests. Flow is a great meeting space with park views and the unique ability to bring the outdoors in.


1500 sq ft of private space perched above the energy of our lobby. Enjoy a space made for meeting, hosting, gathering and bringing people together with park views, ample light, and the capability to open up and connect with our second event space, Flow. Form offers the quiet, private space for those who need it or the large gathering area and quick access to our entrance, lobby and restaurant for those with a more public affair in mind


2000 sq ft of blank canvas and state of the art acoustics to own any moment. Fill the floor with friends, family, guests or teams of teams as Interspace allows a total takeover of our lower level. This private space offers full malleable control to turn any dream into reality. This open sprawl is wrapped in warmth for full autonomy with extra room for pre-reception bars, welcome mats, red carpets and more. Additionally, Interspace offers private washrooms, coat check and the privacy to share moments big and small exclusively with your guests and group.

Event Room Name logo Boardroom Classroom logo Rounds Reception logo Theater logo U-Shape Compare
Flow 650 sq. ft. 12
Form 1500 sq. ft. 24 32 60 40 20
Interspace 2000 sq. ft. 40 80 100 100 30