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  • 9:00 pm - 1:00 am | Friday November 25, 2022
  • Evangeline | Ace Hotel Toronto
  • 51 Camden St

Established in 2011, Toronto-based record shop, label and party thrower Invisible City is about discovery. Whether that’s finding something entirely new, unearthing overlooked songs of the past or remembering old favourites. With a focus on cross-genre music that doesn’t always fit into boxes, Invisible City celebrates eclecticism and diversity on the dance floor.

Upcoming events at Ace Hotel Toronto

Ace Hotel Toronto
7:00pm @ Interspace

Shorts In Conversation - Curated by OPC at Interspace

Our series, “Shorts In Conversation,” makes a moment for cinema and dialogue. We invite an organization to curate a showing of films alongside their makers, followed by the directors in dialogue about their craft.  The narrative and commercial film production company OPC will curate comedic shorts this month. The films selected range in style, from 2D animation to stylized world-building and raw realism, but are linked by a tonal thread of character-based cringe comedy. We will share films by Bianca Poletti, Max Sherman, Sophia Smith, Jono…


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Ace Hotel Toronto
6:00pm @ Interspace

Class of '23 at Interspace

Class of ’23 is a series bringing sexual health, community, and movement together.

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