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Mosey with DJ Shiotsu

  • 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm | Saturday March 16, 2024
  • PIOPIKO | Ace Hotel Kyoto
  • 245-2 Kurumayacho, Nakagyo-ku

フランス出身のDJ兼プロデューサー、MoseyがPIOPIKOでスペシャルDJ!Moseyの特徴的なビートでパーティーをはじめ、その後は2001年からクラブシーンで活躍するレジデントDJ Shiotsuの熱いミックスが続きます。2人のビートに合わせて身体を揺らしながら、土曜の夜を存分に味わってください。


Moseyは、パリ拠点のDJでありプロデューサー。Space IbizaやBurning Man、Queen、Green Valleyなど、世界的に有名な場所でDJを務めつつ、Kitune(フランスと日本)やJuice Box(ロンドン)などの著名なレーベルで音楽制作を手がけている。ファッションの世界でもEdificeやLuca Larenzaなどのブランドとのコラボレーションを通じて、彼の豊かな想像力を広めている。「サウンドディレクター」と自称し、映画制作や広告、テレビの制作でもスキルを発揮。2022年にはLa Rumeurバンドの映画「Rue des dames d’Hamé et Ekoué」のサウンドトラックも手がけた。
Mosey, party starter, Paris-based DJ, and producer, has been splitting his time between deejaying all over the world in iconic venues (such as Space Ibiza, Burning Man, Queen, Green Valley) and crafting music on prestigious labels such as Kitsuné (France & Japan) or Juice Box (London), where his latest releases have accumulated millions of streams.
His style, which is both chic and urban, has made him a mainstay at fashion events for the likes of Fendi, Lacoste, Tod’s, Mr. Porter, etc.
The world of fashion is, for him, a field of artistic expression that he is fond of, and he uses his various collaborations with inspiring brands (Edifice, Luca Larenza) to disseminate his fecund imagination.
Mosey, who describes himself as a “sound director,” has been combining sound and pictures since the very beginning of his career. He was involved in making the score for the DVD 100% Debbouze (released in 2004) and has continued to practice his skills for advertising and television.
A few years later, he began to practice the art of cinema with the soundtrack of Nicole Garcia’s filmmaking (Selon Charlie) and the composition of the original music for Seuls Two by Eric et Ramzy.

In 2022, he returned to his first love by writing the soundtrack for the film Rue des dames d’Hamé et Ekoué from the band La Rumeur.


DJ Shiotsuは2001年よりクラブDJとして活動を開始。現在全国で最も注目されているクラブ”京都BUTTERFLY”にて毎週土曜日開催される看板パーティー”BUTTERFLY SATURDAYS”のレギュラーDJとしてDJ LEAD、DJ YMXらと共に京都のシーンを支えている。これまでに、DJ LEADらと共に様々なゲストを招き(PETE ROCK、THE PHARCYDE、BIG BOY & DJ E-MAN、KURUPT、XZIBIT、ROSCOE、SHADE SHEIST、DJ EVIL DEE & MR WALT、DJ TONY TOUCH、 DJ STRETCH ARMSTRONG、DJ SPINBAD、FUNKY DL 等)公演を行っている。2013年11月にはTHE HEAVY HITTERSに所属するDJ SPANKYと共に全国ツアーを廻り、各地で成功を収めている。彼独自の世界観と経験をもって、ブラックミュージックのよさをDJを通して伝えるそのセンスは本物で、選曲の幅も広く、彼のプレイを支持する熱狂的なファンも多い。
DJ Shiotsu began DJing in clubs in 2001, and currently is a regular DJ on “Butterfly Saturdays” at Kyoto Butterfly, which is one of the most noteworthy clubs in Japan. We can undoubtedly say that DJ Shiotsu along the side of DJ Lead and DJ YMX supports the music scene in Kyoto city. he has been successfully inviting many guests with DJ Lead such as Pete Rock, The Pharcyde, Big Boy & DJ E-Man, Kurupt, Xzibit, Roscoe, Shade Sheist, DJ Evil Dee & Mr. Walt, DJ Tony Touch, DJ Stretch Armstrong, DJ Spinbad, Funky DL.

In November of 2013, DJ Shiotsu went on a Japan national tour with DJ So Dope (DJ Spanky) from The Heavy Hitters. DJ Shiotsu’s experience with original DJing ability and wide range of selection conveys the listeners “goodness” in Aftrican American music. These are the reason why the fan base continues to grow as DJ Shiotsu to widen his work past borders.

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