Artist In Residence

What is A!R?

Ace Hotel’s Artist in Residence program is the embodiment of our deep conviction that artists deliver us a critical lens through which to understand the world and ourselves. On a quarterly basis, and curated in partnership with creative collectives and art institutions that inspire us, we invite artists across the globe to turn one of our hotel rooms into their studio for a month. Given time and space to create, the artist’s resultant body of work is then exhibited or showcased at Ace and shared with the public.

Since the inception of the Artist In Residence program in 2014, participants have included Antonia Kuo, Morgan Parker, Jason Polan, Cali Thornhill DeWitt, William Powhida, Christian Joy, Nick Zinner, Colby Bird, Jamilla Okubo, Kenzo Minami and Kandis Williams.

Introducing our A!R curatorial partners.

Fort Makers | Brooklyn

FORT MAKERS is a New York City-based studio with a multidisciplinary approach to contemporary art, furniture, stage and product design. FORT MAKERS offers unique collections of furniture, lighting and accessories, as well as artist collaborations, design partnerships, stage and interiors. Through connecting creatives across disciplinary boundaries and searching for a curated commonality in their practices, FORT MAKERS creates atmospheres for participants to discover the unexpected. FORT MAKERS was founded by Nana Spears, Noah Spencer and Naomi Clark in 2008.

Geisai | Kyoto

Revived by Takashi Murakami’s Kaikai Kiki Gallery, GEISAI scouts and curates emerging artistic talent through its art competition. The competition was created to allow young artists from a wide range of backgrounds show their work to new audiences. GEISAI has launched the careers of many artists who have gone on to gain significant success and acclaim from galleries and institutions internationally. Kaikai Kiki Gallery, located in Tokyo, has been discovering, nurturing, and managing artists for the past 20 years.

Material Institute | New Orleans

Material Institute is a nonprofit arts center in New Orleans’ 9th Ward providing resources to a new generation of New Orleans artists. Material Institute is a learning environment that serves as a space for community, creative experimentation and expression in the fields of music, fashion and community gardening.

Performance Space New York | New York

Over the last 40 years, Manhattan-based Performance Space New York has been propelling cultural, theoretical and political discourse forward. Futurity and world-building connect the interdisciplinary works they present — works that dissolve the borders of performance art, dance, theater, music, visual art, poetry and prose, ritual, nightlife, food, film and technology, shattering artistic and social norms alike.

No)one. Art House | Palm Springs

No)one. Art House operates as a fluctuating collection of artists creating approachable movement-based artistic experiences led by Chris Emile. Using a multidisciplinary approach, No)one. Art House is dedicated to creating opportunities for artistic collaboration, building audiences for the arts and providing learning opportunities. NOAH has collaborated with notable institutions such as the Getty Center, SAINT HERON, Hauser & Wirth and Refinery 29.

Rethinkable | Sydney

Rethinkable is a certified B Corp social innovation collective that works across impact, placemaking and storytelling. They future-proof organizations by finding the intersection of growth and positive community and environmental impact and turn innovative strategies into outcomes-driven initiatives. Rethinkable’s mission is to forge a new, regenerative economy.

Images Festival | Toronto

Images Festival is a platform for the exhibition and discourse of independent film and media art. Created in 1987 as the only alternative film festival in Toronto at the time, Images has spent the last 36 years presenting media works that are challenging in their form and content. The festival showcases the intersection of emerging and established practices, and invites open critical dialogue in the film and media arts community around the political histories of moving image production, distribution, exhibition and representation.