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Ace Hotel Palm Springs | July 2, 2024

Corey Wash Walks on the “Sunny Side”

Don’t forget to log off. That's the gist of "Sunny Side," Corey Wash's commission for the Palm Springs mural wall, which gets a refresh every spring in time for Desert Gold, our Coachella-season shindig. The painting, a riotously colorful ode to communing with nature, isn't just a call to get off your phone, but more broadly to take a step back and think about what matters.

Ace Hotel | March 19, 2024

An Endless Art Practice

It’s her studio, but to a passerby Hyungi Park would seem out of place. A vision in all black, the 28-year-old artist dons only a trace of color — the smattering of red tattoos that start on her left cheek and snake their way down her neck and arms, punctuating the thick collage of black ink. Her studio, on the other hand, is almost ethereal. Its white walls hold shelves brimming with machines, tools and containers of organic materials that Hyungi foraged, found or made.

Ace Hotel | February 12, 2024

Soy Sauce, Like a Fine Wine

Eri Miyagi and Miki Nomura started Brooklyn-based Japanese condiment company Cabi Foods in 2022 for multitude reasons. One, their love of a really good mold called koji. Two, to share the Japanese home cooking they grew up on and its inherent emphasis on flavor and fresh ingredients. And to destroy the idea of Japanese condiments that “just sit there.” Launching with a yuzu vinegar, dashi soy sauce and sansho peppercorn miso — all sourced from small, regional producers — Cabi condiments focus on Japanese-specific flavors that go with anything: kale, chicken, vanilla ice cream.

Ace Hotel Los Angeles | January 29, 2024

Fantasma Paraiso / Phantom Paradise

Have you ever seen someone you love reduced to a blurry apparition on Google Street View? Felix Quintana has. With fantasma paraiso, Felix layers beauty, day-to-day routines and emblems of Los Angeles’ diasporic communities into such imagery through the cyanotype process.

Ace Hotel | December 13, 2023

Fran Miller's Toronto Guide

Founder of the eponymous, pared-back line of natural skincare staples F. Miller, Fran Miller is a person we trust. We trust her to make our hair soft and our skin strong. We also trust her taste in Toronto, the city she’s based, where F. Miller’s products are designed, formulated and bottled by hand. Here, we share all-inclusive list of her local haunts, from fresh flowers to designer vintage to advice on accessing the Cheese Boutique’s cheese vault.

Ace Hotel | November 1, 2023

Sister Act

Shane Thomas and Saturn Risin9 are luminous. Tucked into an Ace Suite in DTLA at magic hour, buzzing with a magnetic, conspiratorial energy — plus cunning wit cut with vulnerability — it’s clear the two multi-faceted creators have a direct aux cord to the source — both together and individually. In advance of Blush!’s sure-to-be sickening soirée over Pride weekend at Ace Hotel Palm Springs, Shane and Saturn join us in dialogue.

Ace Hotel | September 22, 2023

Ballroom: 5 Things with Function

Launched last year, FUNCTION is a Toronto-based platform for everything Ballroom: culture, stories, events and education. Recently, they brought Ballroom royalty through our doors for our collaborative “Class of ’23” sessions, an ongoing series centering sexual health, community and movement. We gathered monthly to talk about history, sex ed and the courageous creative expression of voguing, as led by four of Ballroom's most influential figures. Tears, cheers, breakthrough moments on the floor — the effects of FUNCTION remind us how alive and how staggeringly inextricable sweetness and pain can feel. Here, FUNCTION lays down five pillars of Ballroom.

Ace Hotel | September 19, 2023

For the Culture: Klancy Miller

Imagine you’re seated at a kitchen table. Around it, an amalgam of the wisest leaders in food, spanning both time and place — Africa, New Orleans, Rome, beyond — are gathered. It’s here they’ve come to share wisdom, family recipes and sage advice; insight as to they got started; where they find joy; the one recipe they’d share if they had to pick; and how to cook like Vertamae Smart-Grosvenor, whose kitchen ran exclusively on the vibrations of intuition. Chef and writer Klancy Miller generously offers readers a place at that proverbial table in her latest book, “For The Culture: Phenomenal Black Women and Femmes in Food: Interviews, Inspiration, and Recipes.”

Ace Hotel | August 28, 2023

Archiving Australia with Efficient Space

Michael is the head honcho at Efficient Space, the Melbourne-based record label responsible for outfitting Ace Sydney with a treasure trove of a vinyl library and for archiving and re-releasing obscure, ahead-of-its-time Australian music. At Efficient Space, the mission isn’t burn fast but bright, but rather driven by the careful, occasionally tedious and always time-consuming work of preservation. “Most of the projects we’re uncovering maybe wouldn't happen if we didn’t instigate it, and that’s the motivation,” Michael says.

Ace Hotel | August 12, 2023

Printed Matters: 5 Things with LA Art Book Fair

For the first time since 2019, New York City based Printed Matter’s beloved LA Art Book Fair has returned — gracing the opposite coast with its eclectic cohort of zine-makers, artists, collectives, and more. For those who crave full immersion in Printed Matter’s boundless galaxy of niche publications, rare books and work from international galleries, this summer’s offering is akin to an art-filled, literary state fair — where the grounds are the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA. Sonel Breslav, Director of Fairs and Editions for Printed Matter Inc. shares a cheat sheet of 5 Things to know about this year’s LAABF.

Ace Hotel | July 19, 2023

5 Things: In Residence; A Retrospective

Ace Artist in Residence (AIR) was first launched in 2014 at Ace Hotel New York. More than 350 artists stayed over and turned their rooms into studios, creating work of all stripes. The program was a living, breathing embodiment of our affinity for artists, whose ever-curious spirit, rebuke of complacency and ability to turn the intangible tangible brings life to the places we call home. Nearly ten cosmic laps after it began, A!R returns to New York and begins in Brooklyn, Kyoto, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Palm Springs, Sydney and Toronto.

Ace Hotel Toronto | June 23, 2023

Best in Class: A Roundup of Year One DJ Residencies at Ace Toronto

One year ago we opened Ace Hotel Toronto and called it what it was: a new destiny. We envisioned it as a home for us, for the city, for freethinkers who use sounds, dance and turntables to forge familial bonds through heavy bass and woozy synths. So we started with the people we knew, who introduced us to people they knew, inviting in a rotation of local clothing brands, record labels, beloved radio shows and artists to help us light up 51 Camden St.

Ace Hotel New Orleans | April 27, 2023

Planets Align: Six of Saturns with Teedra Moses & The Artist Jade

Six of Saturns is our annual ode to the sounds, visions and fabled collaborative spirit of the Crescent City. For two weeks during the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival we gather to revel in the beats of the bayou, its musical legacy and commune with stage legends + artists of every feather. No two artists could be more reflective of this spirit than Nola born Teedra Moses and The Artist Jade who share the stage on SoS’s inaugural weekend.

Ace Hotel Palm Springs | April 20, 2023

In Bloom with Kim Sielbeck

Time for tradition. Our annual celebration of kaleidoscopic sound brings a new artist out each year to transform the Commune wall at Ace Hotel Palm Springs during Coachella. This year for Desert Gold, Antelope Valley-based artist Kim Sielbeck graces us with her psychedelic masterpiece “Superbloom” and offers illumination into the optimum desert trip.

Ace Hotel Palm Springs | April 10, 2023

Power of Love: Link Up at Desert Gold

Desert Gold, our righteous ritual beneath the mountain returns for a double weekender of holy chaos, sunbathed sound and glorious poolside parties. This year we’ve invited in a days-long list of legends and surprise stars to fill our cups with ethereal infinity. Enter LINK UP, the joyous day party born by the Pandemic as an outdoor, inclusive and safe space founded by DJ and Soulection creative force, Andre Power.

Ace Hotel Sydney | April 6, 2023


Mitch Orr is a devilishly talented chef with a mullet as impressive as his résumé. He heads up Kiln, the restaurant atop Ace Hotel Sydney, which has earned numerous awards and nods before even turning one. Explore Sydney through his Day Off, our series exploring the lives of the people we know in the cities we love.

Ace Hotel New York | March 31, 2023

An End Uncertain: Takata Nursery

Taryne Messner is the creative force behind TAKATA Nursey who’s installation, "An End Uncertain" at Ace New York, presents architectural, old growth plant specimens as living works of art. A metaphorical exploration of life and art, Taryne shares the healing and therapeutic nature of working with plants along with ways to welcome it in to your life.

Ace Hotel

How to Design a Feeling: Brigitte Shim

Brigitte Shim understands light, form and landscape on what must be a cellular level. Along with her partner, A. Howard Sutcliffe, their acclaimed firm Shim-Sutcliffe Architects helmed the design of Ace Hotel Toronto. Brigitte returned her expertise to our Toronto home during “How Do You Design A Feeling?” — the panel we hosted in partnership with Wedge Studio during DesignTO festival. We caught up with Brigitte about inspiration, a sense of place in design and her love of Toronto.

Ace Hotel Kyoto | March 14, 2023


René Redzepi is among the world’s foremost culinary talents owed to his transformative take on Nordic cuisine at Copenhagen's noma. For the fourth time, René and the noma team are moving their Copenhagen culinary mecca around the globe, settling in for 10 weeks at our Kyoto home. Over the past two years, the team has prepared, working alongside local foragers, farmers, ceramicists, hunters and fishmongers to create seasonal culinary poetry. We caught up with René to chat 5 points of inspiration in Kyoto.

Ace Hotel New Orleans | February 23, 2023

Wilds of the Interior: A conversation with phlegm

A conversation with phlegm, a New Orleans born and based artist who works in face painting and self portraiture. He is inspired by Black cultural tone from across the diaspora; pulling inspiration from the Black Masking Indians of New Orleans, the Dogon of Mali, the Fulani of Nigeria, and the Zouli dance of Ivory Coast.wilds of the interior is a collection of work that aims to answer his question, “what parts of myself are hidden to me?”.

Ace Hotel Los Angeles | February 15, 2023

I Love You Like Mirrors Do: Coyote Park

A 2Spirit, Indigenous (Yurok) Korean-American transgender artist raised in Hawai’i, Coyote Park often depicts interpersonal relationships with their kin in foliage and interior spaces. Park’s practice centers queer love, community, and trans futures. They share a selection of excerpts from their exhibition COYOTE PARK: I LOVE YOU LIKE MIRRORS DO at Leslie-Lohman Museum of Art in advance of their conversation at Ace DTLA.

Ace Hotel New York | February 7, 2023


Drawing from African proverbs and idioms, artist and designer Sarah Nsikak borrows romance folkloric imagery from the many cultures she calls home. She shares with us 5 themes she’s explored deeply as a part of this show, Luck Comes Before Love, on view now through March 27 at Ace Hotel New York. 

Ace Hotel | December 15, 2022

Mimi Zhu Takes In Toronto

Writer, artist and queer organizer, Mimi Zhu, came through Ace Toronto recently to share their newest book, "Be Not Afraid of Love", and a beautiful reflection of their time absorbing the city.

Ace Hotel New York | December 14, 2022

Baraye Avaleen Bar: Afghan Women on Tintype

Brooklyn-based artists Yeldā Ali and Angela Jones collaborate on a collective exhibit, “Baraye Avaleen Bar: Afghan Women on Tintype”. The show pays homage to Afghanistan as a home and, more importantly, to the often forgotten heroes of war: women.

Ace Hotel | November 15, 2022

The Truth Will Set You Free, But First It Will Piss You Off! Interview with Gloria Steinem

Steinem discusses her newest book "The Truth Will Set You Free, But First It Will Piss You Off!", a divine opus of essays and timeless Gloria-isms — with Atelier Ace writer and former Ms. Magazine intern Jenevieve Ting.

Ace Hotel | November 3, 2022


In advance of TOM’s Weekend — a celebration of Pride featuring all things Tom of Finland in Palm Springs — Director Durk Dehner took some time to hand-select five of his favorite pieces residing at TOM House.

toronto skyline in black and white

Ace Hotel | October 19, 2022

Tracing Toronto: The Sounds of a City

Cameron Reed, director of marketing and label for Arts & Crafts, on Toronto’s legendary music scene and selecting our in room vinyl.

Shaun Daniel Allen

Ace Hotel | October 14, 2022

Shal’s Elemental Current

Australian artist Shaun Daniel Allen (Shal) puts his hands in the Earth.

Ace Hotel Sydney flack studio

Ace Hotel Sydney | September 14, 2022

The Infinity of Australia

The cinematic color palette of Australia’s landscapes has long painted our dreams.

Toronto Ace Hotel

Ace Hotel Toronto | September 9, 2022

Toronto, Our Many-Splendored Muse

Microcosm of the world, Toronto is a place that contains and thrives in multitudes.

Esty x Sakura promo

Ace Hotel | July 1, 2022

Esty Lives Out Her Kaleidoscopic Dreams

Esty talks knowing herself as an artist, roller-skating and meeting Britney Spears.

Luna Doherty watercolor

Ace Hotel New York | August 19, 2021

New York is "OURS": An exploration with Teen Art Salon

Last month in the Gallery, Ace Hotel New York welcomed work from 60+ artists for "OURS" — a group show by and for New York City.

Samiro Yunoki

Ace Hotel Kyoto | July 13, 2021

The Beauty of Useful Things: Samiro Yunoki

Well into his ninth decade, Folk Art legend Samiro Yunoki is still actively generating new marvels in everyday beauty.

National Queer Theater promo

Ace Hotel | June 29, 2021

Theater of All Possibilities: The Criminal Queerness Festival

Founded by current Artistic Director Adam Odsess-Rubin, National Queer Theater is an innovative collective dedicated to celebrating the brilliance of generations of LGBTQ artists.

Group Show promo

Ace Hotel New York | May 4, 2021

OURS: A Group Show For the City of New York

OURS is a group effort. A showcase of photos, doodles, words, drawings and moments that make up the millions of reasons we can’t quit New York City.

plants growing along wall

Ace Hotel | April 23, 2021

Closer to the Clouds: The Roof Crop

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person with dreadlocks

Ace Hotel | March 25, 2021

Poetry and Hood Womanism: a dialogue with Chicago’s first Youth Poet Laureate, E’mon Lauren

E’mon was kind enough to sit down with us to speak about honing her craft as a poet, hood womanism and her podcast, The Real Hoodwives of Chicago, now in its third season.

A blonde woman holding a microphone and standing through a window

Ace Hotel New York | March 2, 2021

Broadway from a Hotel Window

It’s been almost a year since the lights went out on Broadway. It goes without saying that New York City’s arts and culture sector has been decimated by the COVID-19 pandemic — but this past fall, we glimpsed a welcomed glimmer of the Theatre District's greatness when Ace Hotel New York hosted a socially distanced dinner series called Broadway @ Breslin.

future is mutual aid

Ace Hotel | February 23, 2021

When Crisis Builds Community: Fresh Roberson on Mutual Aid

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Verzuz promo

Ace Hotel | February 1, 2021

Black History Month 02.01.2021

MLK event promo

Ace Hotel | January 18, 2021

Community Update: 01.18.2021

person in running pose wearing black suit and tall hat

Ace Hotel New York | January 6, 2021

History in real time with Kobie Procter

On September 19, 2020, Ace Hotel New York played canvas to Kobie Procter's images of the first days of the Black Lives Matters protests in the city — pictures and poetry cast across the facade of the building, capturing history in what was close to real-time.

Ace Hotel | October 27, 2020

Every Vote an Act of Hope

Ace Hotel | October 16, 2020

Latinx Heritage Month

September 15–October 15 marks National Latinx Heritage Month. In celebration of the invaluable contributions Hispanic and Latino people have made to American culture, Ace has been highlighting some of the incredible team members who help make this community everything we strive to be.

Ace Hotel | September 23, 2020

Community Update: 09.23.2020

As a space imagined for everyone, we believe that all people should be treated fairly, with respect and without bias.

Ace Hotel | September 23, 2020

Community Standards

Ace Hotel's Code of Conduct

Ace Hotel | July 30, 2020

Community Update: 07.30.2020

We wanted to share with you the progress we’ve made toward ensuring identity-based equity and justice in our workplace.

Ace Hotel | June 18, 2020

A statement from Ace Hotel

A statement from Brad Wilson, President and Partner of Ace Hotel.

Gabriele Tinti and Marton Csokas

Ace Hotel London | March 19, 2020

"Ruins" by Gabriele Tinti and Marton Csokas

Bodies, much like the people who house them, are vastly different. How we understand them, then, is largely dependent on how they’re shown to us. Photography — or the two-dimensional renderings we encounter upon first blush — introduce us to those bodies, but offer something else, too.

photo of kid at book store

March 18, 2020

826CHI: Thankful by Franco L.

Eighth grader Franco L. reminds us of that golden kernel within, the one that burns steady and true in his poem titled "Thankful," as part of our ongoing partnership with nonprofit organization 826CHI.

Justin Strauss and another taking a selfie

Ace Hotel New York | March 5, 2020

Just/Talk: Justin Strauss with Bráulio Amado

Braulio Amado, designer & illustrator, chats with longtime Ace pal and legendary New York City DJ Justin Strauss for this edition of Just/Talk about bridging punk and electronic aesthetics, his mutant art space SSHH, experimental weirdness at Bloomberg Businessweek and what he would do with one trillion dollars tomorrow.

headshot of person with slight beard

Ace Hotel London | February 5, 2020

Dan Beaumont Takes Five

Dan Beaumont has been cultivating spaces for queer nightlife to flourish for over ten years in the London music scene, by opening staples like Dalston Superstore, Dance Tunnel and Voodoo Ray's, and most recently with his legendary gay dance bacchanal, Chapter 10.

DVSN promo

Ace Hotel London | February 4, 2020

Stepping into new rooms with Daniel Daley and Nineteen85 of dvsn

If a song is a room, an album is a house. So says Daniel Daley and Nineteen85, the twosome behind Toronto's own dvsn, whose highly anticipated third album A Muse In Her Feelings is set to be released next month. In late 2019, Ace Hotel London's music booker Seán Grannum a.k.a. seangran caught up with the R&B vibe virtuosos to chat about protecting your energy, flowing with American rapper Future and how they've been living in their own skin their whole lives.

Shogo Misumi

Ace Hotel London | February 4, 2020

Shogo Misumi from Bounjour Records journeys through the sonic plane

Shogo Misumi of Bonjour Records — the Tokyo-born cultural and lifestyle retailer — took us on an auditory expedition with some of his favorite threads, magazines and sounds, below.

Jorge Herrera

Ace Hotel London | February 4, 2020

A look inside with photographer Pat Martin, Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize winner

For Pat Martin, the photo is the place where a subject is made real. Real not just in the visual sense, but in our memories, too. The Los Angeles-born photographer was selected as the 2019 National Portrait Gallery Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize winner for his arresting, deeply personal portraits of his late mother, Gail.

Justin Strauss posing with someone

Ace Hotel New York | January 22, 2020

Just/Talk: Justin Strauss with Aurélien Arbet

For this edition of Just/Talk, longtime Ace pal and legendary New York City DJ Justin Strauss chats with the French couturier Aurélien Arbert about tagging buildings in New York City in the early aughts, his multidisciplinary path, how "music is everywhere in what we do" and that iconic MTA x Keith Haring collection.

room at Ace Kyoto

Ace Hotel Kyoto | January 14, 2020

This must be the place: odes to Japan to celebrate Ace Hotel Kyoto’s reservation launch

Ace Hotel Kyoto makes its home in a part new build and part former home to a beloved telephone company. Masterfully dovetailed by the legendary architect Kengo Kuma, the building is a place in honest dialogue with the city’s past and future legends. We’re hanging the art, firing up coffee machines and rolling out the tatami mats. Ace Hotel Kyoto opens this April, but you can book a room now.

Neighbor to Neighbor promo

Ace Hotel | January 9, 2020

Australia Fire Relief

We’re giving to NSW Rural Fire Service and you can contribute directly, too. We’re donating a portion of Ace Hotel reservations booked with code NEIGHBOR to help those affected.

Brian Chase

Ace Hotel New York | December 31, 2019

Ace AIR: Brian Chase and curated Artists in Residence

Bringing people together is, in and of itself, an art form. You've got to select the ingredients, check the temperature, take creative liberties, see what sticks. Brian Chase of indie rock outfit Yeah Yeah Yeahs joined us for a month at Ace Hotel New York as our Artist in Residence and helped curate a motley blend of artist friends to stay with us every Sunday evening, bringing together a cross-pollination of various musical and artistic languages to harmonize sweetly.

person in bookstore

December 18, 2019

826CHI: The Term 'Woke' by Angie C.

For over two years, Ace Hotel Chicago has worked with the org to give a platform to their students by throwing birthday parties, collaborating on zines together, hosting art shows and even featuring some of their books in our guest rooms. Each month, we highlight a piece of writing from one of their students. 826CHI is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6 to 18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write.

jazz band drum

Ace Hotel New Orleans | December 2, 2019

Spencer Moody from the Murder City Devils and Ben Jaffe from Preservation Hall

Jaffe chats with Spencer Moody from The Murder City Devils — a Seattle-born noise hero and legendary maverick making music his own way for decades.

person playing guitar

Ace Hotel New York | November 21, 2019

Interview: Pete Yorn & Jackson Phillips of Day Wave

Pete Yorn chats with fellow musician Jackson Phillips of the band Day Wave for Talkhouse Podcast, recorded live at Ace Hotel New York. The two collaborators swap notes on life before Pro Tools, the perilous freedom of playing without a setlist and meeting at a party in Malibu with Jamie Foxx, too.

two people posing

Ace Hotel New York | November 19, 2019

Just/Talk: Justin Strauss with Luke Jenner from Rapture

Bodies, much like the people who house them, are vastly different. How we understand them, then, is largely dependent on how they’re shown to us. Photography — or the two-dimensional renderings we encounter upon first blush — introduce us to those bodies, but offer something else, too.

two people having interview

Ace Hotel Los Angeles | November 12, 2019

Skyler Skjelset Interviewing Ryuichi Sakamoto

We were lucky enough to have Skyler Skjelset — musician, Fleet Foxes founding member, friend of Ace and self-professed Sakamoto fan — sit down with Ryuichi Sakamoto before his performance to chat about the democratization of music, the responsibility of making sounds for communities and petting chickens in New York City.

Justin Strauss posing with someone

Ace Hotel New York | September 25, 2019

Just/Talk: Justin Strauss with Nick de Ville

For this edition of Just/Talk, artist and art historian Nick de Ville sits down with Ace friend and legendary DJ Justin Strauss and discusses the power of inauthenticity, shifting eras and styles and what to do when the weather changes on you mid-shoot. 

Damon Young profile

Ace Hotel New Orleans | September 12, 2019

Creating a "Living and Breathing Pylon to Black Culture" with Damon Young for Very Smart Brothas Live! Pt. 2

On July 7th, 2018, Ace Hotel New Orleans hosted Very Smart Brothas‘ Damon Young and Panama Jackson at the third annual Essentials, a series that Ace hosts concurrent with Essence Festival in New Orleans. In Part 1, Panama riffs on Return of the Mack and the merits of Janet Jackson.

colorful art obscuring people

Ace Hotel Los Angeles | September 10, 2019

Corporeal Constructions: A conversation on body and space in an art practice

Artists Lindsay Preston Zappas and Sarah Jones are two Los Angeles-based artists with exhibitions on view this summer, both with a deft ability to play with the spaces they're in. Jones’ Tangle — Abyss hangs in the Lobby of Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles through September, while Zappas’ solo exhibition, I Forgot My Shoes, is being shown at the Buffalo Institute for Contemporary Art (BICA) in Buffalo, New York. Here, the two caught up about their current exhibitions, how the body is used to activate both of their practices and their shared love of frenetic pattern and weaving.

Justin Strauss posing with another person and a cat statue

Ace Hotel New York | September 4, 2019

Just/Talk: Justin Strauss with Lenny Kaye

ce friend and DJ legend Justin Strauss sits down with Lenny Kaye to wax poetic on his current projects, the necessity of a future sound and the mystery of the Magic Mushrooms. Follow closely. 

vintage film still

Ace Hotel London | August 26, 2019

Seeing Cindy Sherman With National Portrait Gallery's Magda Keaney

We caught up with the National Portrait Gallery’s Senior Curator of Photographs Magda Keaney, as she takes us through five key images from the contemporary art icon and master of disguise.

kid in classroom wearing orange shirt

August 21, 2019

826CHI: My Home Adventures by Amelia B.

Fourth grader Amelia B.'s poetry offers us a brief but textured look into her many senses of home. Here, the Chicago resident and poet on the verge shares her poem, "My Home Adventures // Mis Aventuras Caseras" as part of our ongoing partnership with nonprofit organization 826CHI.

photo of two people

Ace Hotel New York | July 30, 2019

Just/Talk: Justin Strauss with Louise Trotter

For this edition of Just/Talk, Trotter chats with longtime Ace friend and legendary DJ Justin Strauss about growing up surrounded by the sonic counterculture of the 70s and 80s, working directly with Calvin Klein in the early aughts, designing for "everyone" and how "our work is the journey."

food delivery truck backing into garage

Ace Hotel Pittsburgh | July 30, 2019

Penn's Corner: The Push for Local in Pittsburgh

Here, lifelong Pittsburgher and food writer Madeline Quigley tells the old farming tale of how Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance — now a household name known for its prolific sourcing of produce, meat, milk, flour and more — came to be. And, in turn, how Sharing Farms, a monthly dinner series hosted by Whitfield — the bistro at Ace Hotel Pittsburgh — pays homage to the city's farming greats and their year-round bounty.

model posing

Ace Hotel London | July 29, 2019

Naked Boys Reading Presents: Short Serials with Season Butler

Naked Boys Reading carries the proverbial torch here with the first of their “Short Serials." Over the next few months, NBR will be sharing serialized fiction by some of their favorite queer authors and allies. First on the docket is author Season Butler. Born in the States, Butler spends her time writing and teaching between the UK and Germany. Her debut novel, Cygnet, is out now from Dialogue Books and Harper Collins.

Janet Levy

Ace Hotel | July 26, 2019

Artist-in Residence: Janet Levy presents Love Looks Like Fire

Over the past year, Ace Hotel Artist in Residence, Janet Levy, created work across three cities — London, Palm Springs and Los Angeles — culminating this February in conjunction with the opening of Desert X at Ace Hotel & Swim Club, on Valentine’s Day at Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles, a book launch, two site-specific sculptural installations, Ring of Fire and Pressure, and two dance performances choreographed by Melissa Schade.

DJ working

Ace Hotel Los Angeles | July 15, 2019

Third Horizon Conversation: A Conversation With Adam Cooper on Avant-Caribbean Culture

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two people smiling with phones in hand

Ace Hotel New York | July 11, 2019

We Are Everywhere: Protest, Power and Pride in the History of Queer Liberation

We Are Everywhere: Protest, Power and Pride in the History of Queer Liberation, by Matthew Riemer and Leighton Brown, is a rich and sweeping photographic history of the Queer Liberation Movement, from the creators and curators of the massively popular Instagram account @lgbt_history, released in time for the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.

Senay Kenfe

Ace Hotel Los Angeles | July 3, 2019

Senay Kenfe on empowering LA-born artists and preserving a city in flux

Senay Kenfe is on a mission to show the world the real LA. Born in Long Beach, he’s been a cornerstone in the city’s various arts industries, from providing a platform for blossoming talent through his Eddie’s Liquor label, to showcasing premiere SoCal artists like Vince Staples on the international media company Boiler Room. We sat down with him to discuss the intentions behind his work and current projects he's pursuing.

Ace Hotel Pittsburgh | June 28, 2019

Leikeli47 Shows Pittsburgh What Pride Is All About

We agree with Richard Avedon when he says, "Anything is an art if you do it at the level of an art." Sculpture, mineral, sound and thought — this is art if you want it to be. From January through June of 2019, we worked with Chicago-based gallerist Andrew Rafacz — of his own Andrew Rafacz Gallery — to curate an artist to stay at Ace Hotel Chicago each Sunday night for our Artists in Residence program.

student in classroom

June 24, 2019

826CHI: Homemade Clones by Vakaris R.

For over two years, Ace Hotel Chicago has been teaming up with nonprofit organization, 826CHI to give a platform to and further the mission of their organization. We've thrown birthday parties, collaborated on a zine together, hosted art shows and even have some of their books in our rooms. Each month, we highlight a poem from one of their students.

person looking away

Ace Hotel | June 17, 2019

"Patience Is A Vulture": An Interview With Creative Growth Artist Ray Vickers

For this edition of Inside Job — a monthly artists’ series led by LAND Gallery’s Sophia Cosmadopoulos — Vickers chats about his nine years at Creative Growth, his artistic process and all the animals that he’s taken care of.

two people laying on each other

Ace Hotel Palm Springs | June 17, 2019

Snow In The Desert Interview: Eve Fowler

Eve Fowler is arguably one of the country’s greatest living conceptual artists – trained in photography at Yale and in journalism from Temple University, she documents queer lives, interrogates “non-creative” visual forms and bridges the word with the body. She’s joining us this weekend for artists workshops at Snow in the Desert, an art space for women at Ace Hotel & Swim club. We asked her about her work, and what we can look forward to on Saturday afternoon…

person posing with professional lights around him

Ace Hotel New York | June 17, 2019

Slant'd: Interview with Mikkoh Chen

With an eye set on wider, more richly textured horizons, Mikkoh Chen takes us on his “Road to Remarkable" for the third installment of our month-long interview series. The Taiwanese American, New York-based entrepreneur and Wilhelmina model talks candidly about playing hide and seek with his true self, shirking cultural expectations and wanting Asians “everywhere” in media. 

Ace Hotel New York | June 17, 2019

Ace AIR: Morgan Parker

We agree with Richard Avedon when he says, "Anything is an art if you do it at the level of an art." Sculpture, mineral, sound and thought — this is art if you want it to be. From January through June of 2019, we worked with Chicago-based gallerist Andrew Rafacz — of his own Andrew Rafacz Gallery — to curate an artist to stay at Ace Hotel Chicago each Sunday night for our Artists in Residence program.

person looking dramatically into camera

Ace Hotel New York | June 5, 2019

Just/Talk: Justin Strauss with Samuel Bourdin

Here, Samuel Bourdin chats with longtime Ace friend and legendary DJ Justin Strauss about his father's legacy, how the act of painting "changes the whole universe of how you approach the image," the importance of tension in a photograph and finding untouched time capsules filled with his work in a family house from an Agnès Varda film.

Bar Marilou

Ace Hotel New Orleans | May 24, 2019

Cocktail Connoisseurs, French Flair and a Little Mischief at Bar Marilou

Here, we get to know the creative braintrust behind Bar Marilou — Carina, Josh and Adam of Quixotic Projects — appropriately, of course, à la Proust Questionnaire.

Ace Hotel Los Angeles | May 1, 2019

Three Pointers with Industrial Goth Maven Zola Jesus

Industrial goth maven Nika Danilova has been making dark art pop under the moniker Zola Jesus for nearly a decade. The Wisconsin-bred musician, known for making atmospheric, abrasive orchestral sounds, took a break from working on some new collaborations in Los Angeles to chat with us about her favorite local hangs, where to start your dive into Neo-classical listening and why rusted sheet metal can be your best friend in the booth.

polaroid of someone working sound board

Ace Hotel New York | May 1, 2019

Just/Talk: Justin Strauss with Legendary Bronx-Born DJ and Hip Hop Head, “Breakbeat Lou” Flores

“BreakBeat Lou” Flores has been a student of sound since he was three years old. The legendary Bronx-born DJ, B-Boy and hip hop pioneer — whose modus operandi could be summed up by the line, “If it’s funky, it’s funky” — cut his sonic teeth in the early 70s in New York City, where he says “there was no better recipe” for hip hop to happen. Here he chats with longtime Ace friend and fellow New York mainstay Justin Strauss for this edition of Just/Talk about the octopoidal nature of being a DJ, soaking records in bathtubs to hide their labels from rival music crews and the first record he ever bought.

Panama Jackson leaning on a fence

Ace Hotel New Orleans | May 1, 2019

Leaving No Pop Culture Stone Unturned with Panama Jackson for Very Smart Brothas Live! Pt. 1

On July 7, 2018, Ace Hotel New Orleans hosted the inimitable Damon Young and Panama Jackson of Very Smart Brothas at the third annual Essentials, a series that Ace hosts concurrent with Essence Festival in New Orleans.

person with spiky hair and tattoos

May 1, 2019

Chef Matty Matheson Talks About His First Food Memories, Cooking for John Belushi and Eating Pho Ga For The Rest of Eternity

Matty Matheson is a chef. He’s famous and beloved for his no-holds-barred, sailor-mouthed, mustachioed personality. Also because his food is really, really delicious.

different colored candles

Ace Hotel London | April 30, 2019

Charisse Baker on Disguising An Art Project As East London Juice Co. (And Getting Away With It)

We have a small, square, street-facing window at Ace Hotel London Shoreditch where we slang very powerful life-giving substances. It’s called East London Juice Co.

desert hills shot from below a wall

Ace Hotel Palm Springs | April 30, 2019

Ask Desert Oracle: Sun-Given Wisdom, Giant Rocks and Campfire Stories With Writer Ken Layne

The Desert Oracle is the aptly-coined “Voice of the Desert,” a Joshua Tree-based pocket-sized field guide that recalls something of a mix between a FoxFire Book, the Farmer’s Almanac and Weekly World News. Ken Layne, writer, desert enthusiast and brains behind The Oracle, also leads Campfire Stories at our Palm Springs waypost every month, where he regales eager listeners with tales of desert beasts and ancient legends.

Zombies band poster

Ace Hotel Palm Springs | April 30, 2019

The Trap Set Live: Rod Argent & Colin Blunstone of The Zombies On Why They’re One of The Only British Invasion Bands Left Standing

It happened. The Zombies came together at our desert oasis and played a set worthy of a million date shakes. They also chatted with each other, the audience and then to someone we really like. Click here to listen to The Trap Set conversation with living legends Rod Argent & Colin Blunstone of The Zombies — recorded at Ace Hotel & Swim Club— and read on for a peek behind the sonic curtain by the inimitable Joe Wong of The Trap Set.

Lance Gerber promo

Ace Hotel Palm Springs | April 29, 2019

Pop Artist Ed Ruscha Gives Us A Road Map For Our Journey Into The Future of Desert X

Here, modern artist Ed Ruscha shares his personal story on the passage of time, perhaps a road map for our journey into the future of Desert X. Read it by the pool or at least pretend you’re by one.

person with beard and long hair wearing jean jacket standing in front of grey brick wall

April 29, 2019

Furniture and Lighting Designer TJ O’Keefe Just Wants You To Keep Talking To Your Neighbors

We like meeting new people. People who upend expectation and will mix their florals, their decor, their friends, their cocktails, anyway they like. You know them by what they wear and how they wear it, the disparate genres on their bookshelves, and you know as soon as you walk into their space.

April 29, 2019

Ace AIR: Artist, Researcher and Educator, Jeremy Bolen, Translates The Night Sky

We agree with Richard Avedon when he says, "Anything is an art if you do it at the level of an art." Sculpture, mineral, sound and thought — this is art if you want it to be. From January through June of 2019, we worked with Chicago-based gallerist Andrew Rafacz — of his own Andrew Rafacz Gallery — to curate an artist to stay at Ace Hotel Chicago each Sunday night for our Artists in Residence program.

Chef Beth

Ace Hotel Pittsburgh | April 29, 2019

Sharing Knives: Executive Chef Bethany Zozula On Food As A Vehicle For Memory

Cooking, for Ace Hotel Pittsburgh’s award-winning Executive Chef Bethany Zozula of Whitfield, is a family affair. She cites her mother and grandmother as influences in her idea for Sharing Knives, the collaborative dinner series she created in 2017 as a way to collaborate with chefs from all over Pittsburgh. Here, she talks about the roots of the series, how food is a vehicle for memory, storytelling and love.

person with red hair and tiara smiling

Ace Hotel New York | April 29, 2019

Looking Beyond The Facade with Photographer and Artist Yuki James

Bodies, much like the people who house them, are vastly different. How we understand them, then, is largely dependent on how they’re shown to us. Photography — or the two-dimensional renderings we encounter upon first blush — introduce us to those bodies, but offer something else, too.

Inflagranti album cover

Ace Hotel New York | April 29, 2019

Just/Talk: Justin Strauss with Swiss DJ Duo In Flagranti On Being Beginners After 22 Years In Music

n Flagranti, the musical duo comprised of Sasa Crnobrnja and Alex Gloor, make the kind of music that tugs on the thread of mother universe’s music. They draw inspiration, visuals and sound from everywhere, playing and piecing from both rare and common sources to create singular, distinct compositions that defies categorization. For this edition of Just/Talk, resident DJ and longtime Ace friend Justin Strauss joins Sasa and Alex in Switzerland to talk about VHS tapes, starting a record label at a flea market and how beginners can be choosers.

Ace Hotel Pittsburgh | April 29, 2019

Social Justice Planner Monique López and Bike Pittsburgh’s Julie Mallis Go Mobile To Connect A City’s Dots

Mobility is important. It’s how we get about town, how we connect a city’s itinerant dots and how we get in touch with our future selves. For Monique López and Julie Mallis, it’s also a way to build community, whether by foot or by bike.

selfie of person with blue hair

April 25, 2019

Kara Jackson, Chicago Youth Poet Laureate, Explores The Essence of Invisibility Through Young Chicago Authors

Chicago’s most defining characteristic is that the city as a whole eludes definition, operating on an ideology of constant experimentation, forward-thinking and shifting perspectives. In many ways, it’s a city of perpetual rebirth. Carl Sandburg, a Chicago poet, put it best — “I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on the way."

two people taking a selfie

Ace Hotel New York | April 24, 2019

Just/Talk: Justin Strauss with Danish DJ & Electronic Music Octopus Kasper Bjørke

Kasper Bjørke is something of an electronic music octopus — the Danish-born DJ has had his hand in everything from production, performance, curation, art filmmaking and composition.

person dancing in puffy dress

Ace Hotel London | April 18, 2019

Londoner Saira Niazi’s Walking Tour Of A City Forever In Flux

A city is a living thing. How one traverses and learns its multi-layered, urban landscape should be an exercise in movement, an active call and response with the ground we walk on. Saira Niazi knows this. So well, in fact, that she might as well show you. Here, the London-native unlocks her city and recounts her peripatetic wanderings in amber, looking back and ahead at the possibility of place.