Every Vote an Act of Hope

Vote. Vote early. Vote in person. Vote by mail. Vote as soon as you can. Vote for those who can’t. Vote vote vote vote vote.

In what may prove to be the most consequential election in any of our lifetimes, it’s crucial that each of us exercise the fundamental right upon which all other rights depend. Ace Hotel is proud to be partnering with the folks at HeadCount and Global Citizen to support Just Vote — a campaign to encourage voter registration and engagement, particularly among millennial voters. 

The poster above is from us at Ace to you. Print one. Print 1,000. Tape it up to your bedroom window, save it as your lock screen, wallpaper the bathroom — whatever it takes to get the job done.

Any questions? HeadCount’s got you covered with all the resources you need on early and mail-in voting in your state, right here.

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