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Samiro Yunoki & Alexander Kori Girard exhibition EAST MEETS WEST reception

  • 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm | Saturday November 19, 2022
  • Lobby | Ace Hotel Kyoto


ニューメキシコ州サンタフェ出身の彼はクリエイターの家系に生まれました。約20年ほど前に東京の民藝館を訪れ柚木氏の作品に出合い、すぐに心を奪われたといいます。また柚木氏も ニューメキシコの国際民芸博物館のジラード館を訪れ、大きな影響を受け、自分の作品に大きな可能性を感じるようになったというのです。

お互いのエネルギーと熱意に触発され、今回の共同制作による二人展が実現しました。コリーは「遠距離コラボレーションがこれほどうまくいったのは、お互いの精神が、クリエイティブな生活への不滅の好奇心と献身に根ざしていたからだ」と語ります。そして「  この一期一会から生まれたものを共有できることに、身の引き締まる思いでいっぱいです。」とも。

レセプションでは「East meets West」のコンセプトに合わせ京都のお米で作られた京都のお酒をご賞味いただけます。



Alexander Kori Girard, who is currently exhibiting at the Lobby Gallery, will make a long-awaited visit to Japan. His cocktail reception will be held on November 19 from 18:30 – 19:30 at the Lobby Gallery.

Born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Kori comes from a family of creators. About 20 years ago, he visited the Mingeikan in Tokyo, Japan, and was immediately taken by Yunoki’s work. Yuzuki also visited the Girard exhibition at the International Folk Art Museum in New Mexico, where he was greatly influenced and inspired for his own work.

Inspired by each other’s energy and enthusiasm, this collaborative two-person exhibition was finally here. Kori says, “Our long-distance collaboration worked so well because our spirits were rooted in an undying curiosity and dedication to each other’s creative lives. And, “I am humbled to share what has come out of this once-in-a-lifetime encounter.”

At the reception, guests will be able to taste Kyoto sake made with Kyoto rice in line with the “East meets West” concept.

We invite you to join the artist and discuss the rare connection and his passion.

After the reception, join us at PIOPIKO on the 2nd floor for a one-night-only cocktail party where you can enjoy classic cocktails with a modern twist.

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