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Rooms & Specs

Shindigs of all shapes and sizes. Ace Hotel Sydney’s fit for them all. Contact us for all the details around the Brick, Clay and Tyne meeting spaces and more.


High ceilings, ample space and Surry Hills views define our space for weddings, product launches and blow-out celebrations. With room for up to 120 guests, Brick comfortably hosts large gatherings and can expand up to 160 guests for those really looking to go all out, when opened up and ajoined with Clay.


A sun-filled space for everything from team meetings to cocktail parties, invite-only dinners and intimate events. Featuring high ceilings and Surry Hills views, Clay is intimate enough for a small guest list but can expand to accommodate the largest groups when opened up and adjoined with Brick.


A large, versatile level one space with high ceilings and wide windows for soaking in sunlight. Tyne is highly adaptable and fit for everything from intimate social gatherings, low-key lunches and boardroom meetings.

Event Room Name logo Cabaret logo King’s Table Boardroom logo U Shape logo Theatre Rounds logo Cocktail Compare
Brick 130 sq. m. 72 52 40 36 120 90 150
Clay 70 sq. m. 24 22 22 22 46 40 50
Tyne 66 sq. m. 24 22 22 22 46 40 40