A statement from Ace Hotel

from Brad Wilson, President and Partner

Our paramount goal at Ace Hotel Group is to honor the vision of our founders who, as members of the LGTBQIA+ community, were devoted to creating a welcoming and inclusive experience — particularly for those who are marginalized. The feedback we received in the past week made clear that in some instances, we have strayed from that vision.

We take full responsibility for the gravity of the challenges we face to fight racial, gender, and LGBTQIA+ based inequity within our own workgroup and the underlying culture that enables this, both within our business and the broader hospitality industry. We are currently undertaking our first significant steps in partnership with a diversity, equity, and inclusion expert, while working in tandem with an internal, racially diverse advisory committee of current Ace Hotel team members.

These steps include:

— Implementing a process for listening circles and restorative justice within our workgroups.

— Developing new operating procedures, providing anti-racism and implicit bias training, strengthening our guest code of conduct and HR procedures, and developing other strategic plans to foster a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable space for employees and guests.

— Honoring the immense amount of talent among the people of color within our workgroup by continuing to facilitate the mentorship, development, and promotion of these employees into leadership roles. We recently piloted a similar leadership development program at one of our properties last year, and will be expanding it to every Ace Hotel location.

— Reviewing all salaries and wages to ensure there is no racial, gender, LGBTQIA+, or other bias based on how someone identifies, and developing more transparency around compensation.

— Committing to expanding the goods and services supplied by Black-owned vendors and businesses that bring our hotels to life.

We know our work doesn’t end here, and we have a long road ahead of us. We will continue to listen to our employees and guests, who have led the way in advocating for equity in our properties, to help guide us as we forge a new path. More importantly, we hope these actions, and future ones, will restore trust in our community. We are committed to fostering a new culture within our workgroup that is deserving of the diverse communities we have the privilege of serving.

We encourage you to continue sharing your stories, suggestions, and feedback with us by emailing listening@acehotel.com.

It is our promise to be the change that is so urgently needed now and has been long overdue.

Brad W.

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