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Desert Gold, our righteous ritual beneath the mountain returns for a double weekender of holy chaos, sunbathed sound and glorious poolside parties. This year we’ve invited in a days-long list of legends and surprise stars to fill our cups with ethereal infinity. Enter LINK UP, the joyous day party born by the Pandemic as an outdoor, inclusive and safe space founded by DJ and Soulection creative force, Andre Power. In advance of the ecstatic, sun-drenched communion, Andre digs into his Philly roots, inciting dance parties on a global scale and what drives him from, building a positive and loving community to Boyz II Men.

Mango & Ginger DJing at Second Home in Los Angeles. Photo credit Mikey Avila courtesy of LINK UP.

You seem to find inspiration across many artistic mediums, with the through-line being community. What drives you to keep building and innovating across culture?

Community is the thing that has pushed me to work hard in this industry. I’ve noticed how important it is for people to be a part of something positive and helping individuals find that is beautiful to me. Another driving force in my career is inspiring young men, especially young black men, that anything and everything is possible.

Growing up I didn’t have a lot of role model figures that came from a similar place than me, and made it out of those places by working hard and following their passion. So, I’ve always wanted to be that person for the kids that look like me.

As someone who travels the globe, from London to India to LA, animating spaces and people providing an outlet for release and joy — is there one thing that you feel unites the various cultures you engage?

There are a couple things that unite the cultures I engage. The first thing is the ‘want and need’ for positive and loving community these days. There is so much negativity in the world and we consume so much bad news throughout the day, everyone is constantly searching to find their peace and that peace comes in the form of these loving and inclusive communities I’ve spent years building. The other thing that unites the cultures, is the love for music.

Music is the most universal language that I’ve seen bring people together of all cultures and backgrounds.

LINK UP at Second Home in Los Angeles. Photo by Kathy Roasario courtesy of LINK UP.

What was the first record you bought OR first track that you can remember really hitting you?

I was raised on a lot of soul, r&b and Motown sounds with my hometown being Philadelphia, so those sounds have always had a special connection to me. The first album I asked for as a kid was Boyz II Men “II” album.

Majority of the album hit the billboard charts but I remember being connected to the song “Water Runs Dry” the most. Being an adult now and looking back at that time, it’s amazing how this music still connected to me without having any knowledge or experience in the content and the songs, but to me that good and timeless music.

Andre Power spins records at a LINK UP event.
Andre Power DJing at Academy Patio in Los Angeles. Photo by Virisa Yong courtesy of LINK UP.

You’re about to kick off Desert Gold weekend one at Ace in Palm Springs. When you think about building a set, does place inspire the tracks you’re selecting?

Absolutely. The setting, location, country and region all play a factor in the set you will hear from me. My influence and music background is so broad and diverse, so each place I perform you get a piece of me, but also a piece of the music and culture that connects me to that place. When it comes to a setting like Ace Hotel and Swim Club in Palm Springs, expect to hear upbeat, funky, electronic sounds with a 80’s/90’s bounce but also some classic,good and fun dance music.

Would love to hear about what inspired you to launch LINK UP. 

Starting LINK UP was inspired by bringing people together after such a difficult time, Covid-19 pandemic. I started LINK UP  at a small venue in my neighborhood solely for people to reconnect in person, listen to good music, dance like they’ve never danced before and sip natural wine while doing it.

The pandemic was a difficult time for everyone, and I noticed so many people were anxious for this to be back to a somewhat normal place, so I started LINK UP as an outdoor, inclusive, safe space for people to do so.


The first song that comes to mind is “Wake Up Everybody” by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes. Not only is this another artist from Philadelphia, but it’s one of the most uplifting songs of our time. It’s also the first physical vinyl my late grandfather gave to me when I told him I was becoming a DJ.

The second song that inspires me is “Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)” by Crystal Waters & Basement Boys because an uncle of mine is actually a member of The Basement Boys. This song has to be one of the most popular house music songs of all time, and it’s inspiring to know that it will continue to stand the test of time.

My last song, “In the Waiting Line” by Zero 7,  isn’t only inspiring but it’s one of my favorite songs for many reasons. It reminds of the time when I first moved to California from the East Coast, and how the canvas was just a blank white canvas, and the possibilities were endless for what I wanted my life to be from that moment. That move to San Diego was tough but it was really the beginning of my adult life and also my creative life, and Zero 7 was the soundtrack for that time. The song is also used in the film Garden State, which is a great film, but I also connect with the film in many ways.

** Feature image of Andre Power DJing at Dreamville Festival in North Carolina. Photo by Virisa Yong courtesy of LINK UP

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