Toronto, Our Many-Splendored Muse

Toronto Ace Hotel

Tomorrow arrives today — Ace Toronto is open.

Microcosm of the world, Toronto is a place that contains and thrives in multitudes. They say you can walk down the street and hear ten different tongues. The city’s legendary punk scene birthed queercore and Fifth Column. Prince was a fan and one-time resident. Luminaries we like to pay attention to — Mary Pickford, Peaches, Frank Gehry and Anne Carson — formed their first ideas here too. With a deep DIY ethos and embrace of the avant-garde, Toronto forged a kernel of utopia.

Built from the ground up by Shim-Sutcliffe Architects, Ace Hotel Toronto stands in the city’s historic Garment District — a neighborhood ignited by innovation and industry at the start of the 20th century — and is within shouting distance of Queen West, Chinatown and Downtown, blocks from famed venues Horseshoe Tavern and Velvet Underground. A meeting of rough-hewn textures and sleek comforts, the hotel’s interiors take their cues from the city’s legacy of manufacturing and textiles, as well as Ontario’s dense forests and looping riverways. We’ve got a suspended Lobby Bar and a smoldering hearth called Alder, run by Chef Patrick Kriss of Alo Food Group. The rooftop bar is on the way.

It is a civic space built for gathering and trading in words, intimacies and bright ideas. One that nods to the city’s past and hopes to hold its future. And Toronto, the time has finally come. A new destiny is now.

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